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Talking At least BobK can read

Yes, those two pics are the same fly. I myself thought it was ingenious. There were two tubes like this. Other had lead tubes instead of wrapped lead thread. The top hook is a waddington shank.

But, to give you exact details on the tube. What he did was used steel wire for the body. He strung it through the barrel swivel, the bead, and then the treble hook. He wrapped the lead wire around the bottom and top of the bead. Then, simply slide the tube over the barrel and away you go. Yes, the toothpick is there to keep the assembly together while in storage in the flybox. I agree, VERY cool idea. Makes change up really easy, and weights them down. Simply change the way you make your assemblies to make them weighted vs. unweighted.

Yeah, it already looks like either some have been torn by fish or moths have got to them. Probably a mixture. I do like that you can tell most of these have been fished. The wings have that wetted down appearance having been swung a few times.

But the rest of you, REREAD it!!!!!!!!!! :hehe:
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