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Mostly straight mono with some weight but in deeper water, I'll put a Polyleader on the end of a floater. I mostly sight fish for chinook in relatively shallow water so then I'll just use some mono and a weighted fly -- very controllable.

On the Saugeen, I'll be swinging blind in deeper water so I'll be resorting to sinking leaders to get the fly down. I'm also planning to use circle hooks and the "soft loop and lift" of the Atlantic salmon anglers. The Saugeen rocks has a heavy, soft coating of calcium compounds leeched out from the limestone which acts like a hook magnet. With enough tippet strength, you can yank the hook free but circle hooks just bounce off these rocks. It lets me get the hook down where the fish are without constantly hanging up. I've swung circle hooks in the past and I know they are almost snag proof but I wasn't using the soft loop method and failed to hook fish. I've talked to others who have used this method with circle hooks and they report excellent hookup and landing rates.

Waiting for August . . . .
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