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Won an auction in the UK

Sorry, had a problem with taking picture in the wheatley box for some reason, so image came out dark. But took a couple closeups. Nice box, and nice flies. Supposed to be a box of an older gentleman who passed away. Some flies are older, some are newer. Had a nice bit of correspondance with the seller of auction. Learned alot about the box and it's history and the owner's history as well. Didn't say any of these were tied in the 1800's, but he did say some of them were tied by the fisherman back in the 60's and later (some possibly earlier then that). He didn't have alot of exact dates, but said that he knew he had to stop fishing about 15 years ago due to an ailment. So all flies are at least that old, if not older. I bid on the auction for the box (was about $30 including shipping to US), but now with the history am gonna put the flies on display. Some nice ties, and I like that you can tell they were well used.

Thought I'd do the full and exploded version of the tube fly. Never seen one put together like this. Both the tubes had a steel leader to the hook and a barrel swivel on the end. Both had buffer beads in middle for tube fly to sit on. One (like this one) had lead wire wrapped around wire shaft. The other had metal tubes on the shaft. Pretty cool idea. Just thought I'd share these with you.
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