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Looking for a yak.

I am looking to purchase my first yak.

I have a few questions:
I am new to kayaking, although I have canoed quite a bit. But I am defintely a beginner in the idea of fishing from a 1 man small boat.

I am looking for a sit on top boat that is:

1. Stable
2. Easy to launch from an Ocean beach, but some flats and calm water.
3. Light
4. Relatively easy to paddle, although I generally will not be taking long trips (couple of miles max)
5. Not too expensive (want to see if i like the fishing from a yak concept before I invest too much).
6. If I do like this type of fishing, I would like to be able to pass the yak down to wife or kids so that I can "move up"

Also, a lot of companies offer "fishing" models of kayaks. These seem more expensive, but come equiped with rod holders/anchors and other fishing related accessories.

Is it worth it to purchase one of these models?

I searched the board and saw some recommendations for Pungo 120 or 140. But that is about it.

It seems like there are two kinds sit on top kayaks. The short -fat ones (10-12 feet) and the 14 foot ones. Which is best?

Also, how hard/easy is it to cast an 8wt from these? or do most people use lighter tacke?

Thanks in advance for the info.
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