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Very Interesting....

Interesting topic......
They have just counted the Dartmouth River and wow!! over 750 fish are now "alive and well".
It is unfortunate that they will open this 15th of July to permit anglers to "K" fish. (keep?, kill? Knock out? whatever....).
Water levels are presently low we all know what that means, right????
Adding September to"K" bothers me too....
As for, what can we do about this??!! I am still trying to figure out who to talk to and what to do........ They "Ball" is thrown from one organization to another....meanwhile, guess what happening on the rivers??!!!

Thanks for leaving your catches behind!!

Topher, I cannot believe you slept in on a fishing day?????

Photo: Sector 2 St-Jean (Monday evening..) on it's way to Pavilion waters!!!! And he's gonna make it!!!!
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