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Thank you for your comments all.


For the first time, the York & Dartmouth rivers will be open to a kill fishery during the month of September. The combination of low water and a kill fishery is a deadly one, and removing salmon from the river a month before spawning sets a bad precedent.

I hear the return of the St. Jean to a kill fishery is a done deal.


Thank you for the update on Newfoundland/Labrador regulations: it's been a while since I fished up there and I clearly need to return!


Thank you for the post. I am a big fan of the ZEC system. However, the board members of the various ZECs that I have met generally like to tag their fish. I think it unlikely that they will change their spots in the near future. One can always hope.

Salar-1 and WRKE,

Keep up the good work. Now if we can only communicate our intent to practice Catch & Release to the salmon themselves, perhaps they would come more readily to our flies!
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