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Ditto, Salar

I didn't kill any fish at all on the Bonnie, Petite or Grand for my 7 days on the river. As a matter of fact, I've never killed a fish in Quebec. I know that gorgeous sector D on the Bonnie. We had some great fishing there this year on dries. The shocking thing is that ZEC actually has a fish cleaning station at their trailer in that section. Even though I'll admit that I sometimes kill a grilse in NB I've always found it barbarous that Quebec still allows killing of MSW fish.

I have a friend that fished the Dee for the first time this year. For a few years (except for a very small section of the river) the Dee has become (I think, the only Scottish river) to adopt strictly C&R regs. And the fish numbers have responded spectacularly. But the culture still doesn't quite get it. I hope they do before the fish disappear.

I guess the best thing to do is express our concerns to the government and to support ASF effforts.

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