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Topher, you bring to light a destructive practice and convincingly argue how to tackle it. I completely agree with you that the killing practice should stop and that we as the money bearing fishermen are going to have to be the ones to do something about it.

Something which I think needs to recognised as part of the problem is how rivers are managed:

The ZEC system is generally effective in management mostly through limitation of effort by imposing fees than anything else. However, what this does do is create a commodity (a salmon) for which people pay a lot and they want their money's worth so they kill. The game reserve system in Quebec is the same. You see them advertised with photos of fishermen with strings of large trout. I know some otherwise very intelligent fishermen here who find catch and release a very foreign idea. Contrast this with say Nova Scotia where many people are voluntarily practicing catch and release.

I praise the ZECs for limiting effort but I fear that their establishment has greatly retarded the potential for conservationist ideals to take hold in minds of most of the fishermen who use them, as salmon are just a commodity.

I hope that the example of a gentleman like yourself will plant that seed of conservation in some minds.

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