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It's sad to hear of the continuing slaughter of MSW fish in Quebec. There's a lot to be said in favor of the ZEC system, as one would think the ZEC would be a protective custodian of its river - it would seem that potential exists, but is far from the reality. Killing wild MSW fish in this day and age just doesn't make sense to me, and I really can't understand 'sportsmen' with any eye to the future participating in it, or supporting it.

One note on Newfoundland/Labrador. Where I fish (the West Coast, Northern Peninsula, and Southern Labrador), MSW salmon may not be retained at all, as is the case for all of insular Newfoundland. Season bag limit for MSW is 1 fish, but only in Zones 1 and 2, which is 'Labrador North and East', north of Mary's Harbour.

Early Catch and Release seasons exist on some rivers, and though still thought of as bizarre by some Newfoundlanders, seems to be gaining acceptance, and more residents are participating every year. Honestly, I wish more anglers would show up to support it (and help thwart the persistent poaching, that's a whole other story!), though it is great to have your pick of the choice pools day after day.

I think your attitude of spending less time ( and $$$!) on "Kill" water is a worthy approach, indeed the anglers participating ARE the problem. Just my opinion...

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