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Matt -

Appreciate the candor. Just curious, which sinking line do you use?

To your point we all cast by feel in that we feel our way out until the rod loads then we shoot. The issue is not one of feeling the rod load, it's one of assurance of <n> grains as a starting point. and thus eliminating the process of feeling out the grains. Not always necessary, but often helpful.

Consider this scenario:

A pod is approaching at 70 feet against the current at 11 o'clock. The fish are skittish today so we want a good lead cast and a down angle so make a long cast and wait for them.

BUT they turn to a wider angle to the left at 50 feet so the fly lays in waiting for nothing under the tension of the current pulling further away. We need to pick the fly up ASAP and get it in the path of these absolute pig stripers! They start to flash and roll on bait, one swirls and a tail pops out as they work further to the left. The moment is NOW!

Stripping, stripping, feels like that dream where you can't run fast enough... pick up the line and there's too much grains! The caster flails and the fish scatter from all the commotion as the line flops and flubs and can't get there from here.

Or there is not enough grains! The caster buggy whips back and forth as he tries to get enough into the air to make the 50 foot cast as the pod vanishes into deep water.

Of course I exaggerate but the advantage here is knowing the starting point before feeling the cast - no false casts at all, just one back cast and bang. There is no back and forth process to feeling the grains involved, you know it's going to be there and it is, just like frets on a guitar.

There's something good to be said about feeling one's way to the load, it's a critical flyfishing skill but in addition to all that I believe a mnemonic device for elimination of the process of getting there does have it's place.

.02, thanks again for the reply.
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