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Originally posted by juro
This portion can be "quoted" for a reply to make things easier:


#1 - Would a line that had a solid running line color to indicate grains of the head, and a clear intermediate head be useful?

It would be useful to know where the head starts on a clear intermediate line - one way or another. I personally don't like the idea of a 'bump' on the line to indicate where your hands 'should' be, as this will change for each person's style of casting, rod, fly, wind conditions, etc. I don't know if having a solid running line color is necessary, you could do a 6" section of color or something, just enough to indicate the change. I'm sure this would create a more complex manufacturing process which may add un-necessary cost.

#2 - Would you buy it?

I don't think this feature alone would cause me to purchase one line over another, I would be more concerned with the way it cast, loaded my particular rods, and how it held up over time. But all things being equal I'd probably take the line which had the head indicated.

If I really 'needed' this feature I'm sure I could rig something to my existing line to accomplish the same result. You could carefully apply a small section of colored heat-shrink tubing.. You could slide a piece of braided mono to the line and color it with a sharpie.. this would give you both a visual and a tactile sense for where the head began when you are casting at night.

#3 - Do you use lines with exchangable tips for striper fishing? Do you experience clotting of weeds, clunking of the loop thru the guides during the retrieve, running fish or during landing of fish?

The majority of my lines are single piece, with the exception of a spool that I have rigged with a shooting line which I use with 30' sections of LC-13 and/or Rio T-14.

#4 - Would you prefer:

4a) 300 grain
4b) 325 grain
4c) 350 grain
4d) 375 grain
4e) 400 grain
4f) 425 grain

in the clear intermediate head?

Obviously it depends on the rod being used, but with my #10, I would probably prefer something in the 350-400 range, assuming it didn't affect the sink rate.

#5 - Would you prefer:

5a) 24' head length (QD, Teeny)
5b) 26' head length (Rio Striper)
5c) 30' head length (Wulff Triangle Taper)
5d) longer head length

I have fished the 24' QD lines for the last five years and thought they were fine. I recently swithced to the 26' Rio Striper and really find it to be easier to cast. The shorter heads tend to 'dump' at the end of the cast sometimes. I haven't had good luck with the 30' integrated lines, but for some reason I don't have a problem with the 30' LC-13/T-14.
Good luck!

-- Tom
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