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John, can't help you with your surplus of equipment... unless of course you need to get rid of some

Pick up your favorite 9wt 9ft, ignore the rest, then consider the following:

- most striper anglers use an intermediate line and a sinking head line

- most sinking heads have a very useful color change, ALL intermediates do not

I would like to ask line manufacturers to build a clear intermediate head which is the parallel of the popular color change sinking heads - but the head is clear. I need consumer data to reinforce my request to them.

Why is this useful?

- it's easy to tell when your cast will work by just looking, this counts when you need a follow-up shot to a moving pod on the flats or if you are having people flyfish in salt for their first time, etc.

- it keeps you in the same groove whether you use the sinking head or the intermediate head - without that damn loop connection banging thru the guides all day

- less false casts, safer on a boat

- the running line doesn't need to be clear on a clear intermediate line. In fact I would argue that being clear detracts from it's usefulness. On the flats, if someone is lining fish beyond the first 30ft, they need casting lessons anyway

Whenever I switch between the two the differences are much more than they need to be. As a guide, starting with the 325 QD on the beach and coming inside with a clear int on the flats is a big change for most customers and it messes people up. It messes me up too. Most blown casts on the flats are due to the wrong amount of load at the time the shot was taken. That's kinda dumb when we already have a solution on the other spool with the wrong head on it.

Anyway, I hope to chat with w few line companies over the next few days so keep the reinforcements or honest rebuttals coming and let's see what we, the forum, can get accomplished!

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