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Juro...a good survey... the problem I have is that lines is the last think I think about... what I mean is that I have a number of lines and and reels... The first sinking lines I have is the Teeny.. which is on my 7 and 8 .... they tangle too much in the striping basket.....but the Deep sea Rio is the the sinking line I use, along with the Orvis depth charge... I just can't remember which line is on which rod and real... I divide the the high number lines with the heavier rods...650 with the 12 down to 350 on the 9. What complicates things is that ..for example I have three 10 weights... the very smooth,"old" Scott eclips, Stiff T & T Horizon and a middle flex Sage RPLXI... I rotate rods and can't for the life of me figure which line I have on those rods although they are all sinking lines. This is not helpful...but I think the rod action is more key than the lines.... they was once a time when you had only three lines... the floating, the intermiediate and the sinking..... is this more marketing than substance... not your question... but the manufacturers that is.
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