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Here are my comments.
Hope to bump into you on 7/18 weekend.


#1 - Would a line that had a solid running line color to indicate grains of the head, and a clear intermediate head be useful?

#2 - Would you buy it?


#3 - Do you use lines with exchangable tips for striper fishing? Do you experience clotting of weeds, clunking of the loop thru the guides during the retrieve, running fish or during landing of fish?

I am not a fan of the replacement tips, except for some of the shooting heads I used to use for stripers (and still use for CA Steelheads)

#4 - Would you prefer:

4a) 300 grain
4b) 325 grain
4c) 350 grain
4d) 375 grain
4e) 400 grain
4f) 425 grain

I use a T350 and a Orvis Depth Charge of 425 gr. on most of the Cape. I also have a 550 gr. shooting head system that I will occasionally use for some tides/rips. The 425 gets the most use.

in the clear intermediate head?
I have used the Airflo Clear, Coldwater Saltwater for the past 3 seasons and really like it for the intermediate, does not coil up in the stripping basket, like some other lines I have used

#5 - Would you prefer:

5a) 24' head length (QD, Teeny)
5b) 26' head length (Rio Striper)
5c) 30' head length (Wulff Triangle Taper)
5d) longer head length

I have only used a 24' teeny in the 350 and the 30' (I think) in the Orvis Depth Charge. Both work well. No need to change.
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