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Leland-=- Tried tying some poppers on tubes and then your new method with the mono loop. Like the latter a whole lot better. The ease of tying is not that much different from the tube, but it makes an intrinsically simpler fly-- everything is in one package and ready to fish. I won't have to fumble around in my boxes looking for the tube hooks that have spilled.

I did have some trouble getting the mono loop through the eye of the hook. Perhaps it was because I didn't have any 25 pound Maxima. I first used 30 Trilene XT which was impossible. Next I tried 20 Berkley Iron Silk-- a new line-- and it was still too large to fit through the eye of a #4 Gamakatsu Octopus when doubled. I ended up using the latter with one of Mustad's new tube hooks. The only problem with this rig is that the hook cocks a bit since it has a ringed eye.

I'm thinking I'll drop to 15 pound test on the next tying.

Thanks for the advice you've given. Hope to see you at the coho clave.

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