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Understanding Columbia River Dam Counts

I've got a question for 'ya all that maybe atleast one of 'ya can answer...

I have never really bothered paying attention to the dam counts and thus have never really identified a pattern that can be followed to understand if the steelies have made their way into a favorite trib. or two.

But, begining last year and hopefully continuing this year, I am spending more time on Columbia River tribs...

So, say, hypothetically, I want to get an estimate of the number of fish in the trib.s between Bonnneville and John I look at the counts at both Bonneville and John Day and do notice a differance but what is the delay (time taken for fish to travel from dam to another)I should be looking for, if in fact I should even bother with that?...or do most of you just look at a general differance over say a week's time and figure those fish headed for tributaries between say Bonneville and John Day.

And what are the threshhold(s) you look for as in is there a certain number you look for over a certain dam(s) to figure that there will be enough fish in the trib.s above that dam?

Thanks in advance!!
Ryan S. Petzold
aka Sparkey and/or Special
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