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Thursday afternoon... We were picked up By Capt. Stephen Polle and taken out on his fishing boat with three fighting Chairs. Since this was really for my two boys he suggested to troll for Tuna and Dolphin with the big rods... Two hours luck.. saw a large school of Bonito but that was it. Then he took us to a old wreck and all hell broke lose. My boys fished with spining rods and large plugs. I drifted my BL-5 9 wt. with small and others yellow. My sons ( and I ) had a great time and I am sure it will be in their memories for a long time... This was a great combination family and fishing trip without the exclusive Andros bonefish trip which would not go over with My wife and 11 year old daughter and probably not the boys who were into water slides, etc. Anyway. we boated twenty fish and they don't release them here. We lost as many as we caught. I caught 5 good size Jacks which were ,to my surprise, great fighting fish... I probably should have had my 10 wt. The boys caught between them 8 baracuda, one about 50 inches long. The rest consisted of Jacks, Yellow tail and Albicore. Some big lemon Sharks took some of our fish and I , not using a wire leader had some cut offs fromm the baracuda . The kids almost got spooled by some of them and we had to cut off one of my son's fish which was a huge grouper with no way of getting it up on that tackle. All in all a great day and one for the memory bank. Did not go to beach this morning since I left my Rod tip in the Captains car and got it back moments ago. Will go out in the morning again. Today we will take an island tour. New Providance is about as big as the Vinyard. As we go, My main interest will be the shore line and beach access for tomorrow morning and I an quizzing every native I can find on good locations. That's about it for now.
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