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Gregg, I know you meant it but who wants to hear about sun and beach while your in snow. I will focus on fish. Juro, you got that straight.. Anyway, I left the hotel room this morning at about 5:30 AM and had a coffee and waited to about 6:15 , at dawn. I just desided to go to the beach front at this resort. Nothing for about 15 minutes and then the birds started flying around and a flock started moving in my direction along the beach to my right. No wind, perfect for casting and put on a small yellow clouser. Hooked up to my first Bonefish ,if you can believe it, small about 10 inches but he put up a fight which made me think I had something bigger. Released him and then frantically cast again, only this time I hooked onto a small permit. A completely successful morning. Things quieted down after that and headed back around 8 am. This afternoon my sons and I will be going with a guide ,as I mentioned before ,for some deep sea fishing. By the way, we are staying at the comfort suites near the Atlantis Resort ( we are allowed to use the Atlantis facilities without the rediculous prices) in Nassau and if you ever get down you have to see this aquarium at the Atlantis. Makes the Boston Aquarium look like a fish tank. Really spectacular with just about every species. I will report tomorrow morning .
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