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It's the Bahamas - not the USA. It might seem a bit strange at first. A few years ago nobody bothered too much. Then a couple of big party boats started to turn up towing flats skiffs from Florida. They hammered the fish and left, didn't spend a penny locally. People got a bit miffed. The local guides attaitude was - so they screwed up the fishing in Florida - now they want to come down to our waters and screw it up here too! Some Islands had big local problems. Bonefish are very vulnerable to netting and whole schools have been wiped out and used for lobster bait. This happened at Sandy Cay at the South end of Exuma. Slowly, the guides from the various Islands got together into an association and the Bahamian government is starting to understand the economic benefits of a healthy bonefish population.

There is still plenty of unexplored space down there for DIY trips.
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