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CT warmwater fest

Adrian and I went out in the 90 degree heat to harass some fish in a central CT resevior....only in CT could the northern lake be called Lower and the southern lake be called Upper....

Things started well from mid morning until about five o'clock. We had a steady pick of fish, just enough to keep things interesting. I got to check out much more of this body of water than on a previous outing and the structure is impressive. If I were a bass, I'd want to live there.

About five o'clock the shadows began to lengthen and we entered a cove with plenty of cover and shade. We went to topwater and all hell broke loose.....for a period of over and hour we were at least getting bit if not hooking fish on nearly every cast. We could have stayed longer, but when is enough enough, especially in that kind of heat?

We ended on a high note....Adrian got his first ever largemouth, and he caught it while I was pushing the boat along back to the launch with the electric motor. A great finish to a great day.

Highlights: Serious verification of some of our fly patterns, catching half a dozen different species of fish, electric motor batteries that are rock solid, and catching an obscene amount of fish with a good friend.

Lowlight: Tempermental outboard....

Here's a pic of Adrian with his first ever largemouth. Let's do this again sometime, and keep me posted for the carp clave.
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