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#2 of the flies

Could only do so many per post, so cut them in half. Here's the other half.



Name: PM Dark
Hook: 7999 or any steelhead/salmon wet fly hook, size 2-8
Tag: Gold holographic flat tinsel
Tail: 5-7 strands of black Krystal Flash fibers, it can be a long or short tail depending upon your preference)
Body: Purple tinsel chenille
Wing: Purple Kid Goat Hair (could also consider putting a few strands of the black krystal flash in the wing
Thread: Black unithread
Head: Black


"Tan Sky"

Hook - #4 TMC 200P
Thread - Orange 6/0
Tail - Center hair of Orange Bucktail
Body - woven Mouline Special #739 embroidery thread
Hackel - Orange dyed Game Cock
Wing - White Calf Tail/ Pearl flash.

That's the lot. Thanks to all who signed up. Also thanks to those who sent me extra "free" flies. Loved them all. Special thanks to Speybum who sent in three complete sets of swap flies. With two dropouts, was going to go just off his, but fealt it was my duty to tie up for the other two. But thanks for the extra effort nonetheless. Alot of great flies.
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