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CG and handling...

Not Coast Guard...but Center of Gravity!
I fould that stored items up front in the bow, and the little weight they added, could adversely affect the handling...the additional weight way up front would induce a carving/turning movement and control problems...sponteneous and challenging!

With that said, I'd keep the rear area open for all cargo (that will move the CG to the rear and avoid the above mentioned turn/carve moment) and consider the placement of the light weight transducer and tupperware module in a spot way up front in the bow away from your feet or, if that does not work, just in front of the seat out of the way.

CG Experiment...Put some stuff up front and go paddle...I found the control problems induced by the low riding bow made tracking in swirling currents very challenging...when the cargo was moved to the rear area, control was regained and handling/tracking was much improved.
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