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I can't imagine anywhere in the world with more to offer in both quality and quantity of steelheading oportunities than Terrace,BC,Canada.

Smithers,BC would be a close second and near some of the most famous rivers for world record summer run fish(like the Kispiox,Bulkley,and Babine),but Terrace has better access to winter fish and is only a hour or two from both Prince Rupert(ocean fishing) and the Nass system(another pristine,less pressured steelheading wilderness) as well.

Dozens of world class rivers within 1/2 a days drive/boat/plane on both the Skeena and Nass systems.There is only a couple of months out of the year when steelies aren't available in good numbers and that is prime time for monster chinook so it's not like one would be bored.LOL.The salmon runs are all enormous and the trout fishery is virtually un touched up there(no one wastes their time fishing for trout with so many salmon and steelies around).

If you want to be a true year' round steelhead bum Terrace,BC is THE place.

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