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SH69... I am talking true ocean... 4+ miles out. We were just out at Neah bay with gear and catching kings in the top 15' of water. If they are that close to the surface I want to try with a fly. I am tying up some big tube flies with a lot of flash. I am also tying up a purple and yellow fly that works great for cutties and small BMs. Hopefully the big guys will eat it.
I am thinking that a type VI will get me down deep enough and I can troll with the flies if I can't locate a school to cast to. I dont think I will be deep enough to matter, but I have been tying in some of the glow in the dark flashabou.
Any experience with this???

juro- a beach popper for kings??? I have never got a big king on a surface fly, only small BMs.
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