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It really depends on WHERE in the ocean you're fishing. Do you mean actually near the surf, or true OCEAN fishing? I know out away from shore, they do run really deep. We were catching most of ours (on bait that is) 40-80' down once you got a few miles out. Not many near the surface, too many dogfish up that high.

Now, near shore, then you hit from 10-30'. We never did much fly fishing that far in the salt. Normally more in salt flux/harbors. But when we did, we used simple bucktail streamers with LOTS of flashabou. Only difference I did, was I made mine with double hooks. Why? Because I've found, especially in the ocean using bait, that kings his in a variety of fashions. Some hit sideways and hook on the forward hook (mooching leaders), and sometimes they hooked up on the rear hook. So, I always tied hooks in tandem. I have actually hauled in kings in the 40-50# range in the salt that were hooked primarily on the front hook, and also have had them only get into the rear hook. I usually just like using something simple with some flash. I also prefer to dance them about too. Quick strip up, and let it free fall. Have enduced some nice hits that way.
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