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During the winter months, I fish for the small resident silvers with either a small, sparse popper or a #10 pearl crazy charlie with an added short krystal flash tail on a slimeline.

During the spring, I fish a small, sparse popper or a small shrimpy, krill-like pattern (I kinda make 'em up as I go).

During the summer (like now) I use a popper exclusively.

Later in the summer, I use a bigger popper exclusively.

In the fall, when I run into big coho that are in their waiting period, I use a #6 short-shank fly with a brass beadhead, yellow over orange hackle (sparse) on a gold tinsel body. Sometimes I use golden pheasant for the yellow. But that's after they refuse a big popper.

Also, this is in the salt. I don't fish for salmon in the rivers much.

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