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Leland-- Thanks for the advice-- but now I have a follow-up question. The pix at the Puget Sound flyfishing site show a fairly full wing on your popper, but earlier photos show a pretty sparse wing. Do you fish your poppers with a wing that full or was that done more for illustration?

I was going to tie some MBP on tubes before my latest outing, but I got sidetracked (used a gurgler for SRCs instead) and as a result just got back to the table-- as I was assembling pieces and parts for the poppers, I started thinking about the variations of your popper I've seen, and thus the question. I hope to get out Friday and give the popper tube a try.

I noticed that on one of the boards you mentioned that the Edgewater Dinks were getting hard to find. Rainy's makes a bass popper head that could be a dead ringer for the Dink. They should be easier to get.

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