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On a couple of days, I was fishing with a published fishing photographer friend who wanted to get some good Keys tarpon pictures.
His days coincided with heavy overcast and slower fishing. First day, I jumped two befor he could get the camera out. Second day, after endless instructions on the shots he needs, what kind of hat I needed to wear and even suggesting that the guide get in the water( "sure thing"), I hooked a really hot one. With a long strip set, the fish exploded out of the water, and within an instant, tail walked into the boat. In an explosion of water and blood, the wild tarpon careened off the gunnel and continued to jump out of the water at least seven more times. I quickly looked over to see that my buddy had been knocked off his feet by the surprise. His camera soaked, he was shaking and babbling as I urged him to keep shooting. Finally I brought the fish(70 #'s?) to the boat and it was ready to be leadered. "Hold the fish at the boat while I load another roll of film". In that minute, the fish caught it's breath, surged, jumped and snapped the 20# class tippet. Good stuff. We'll see what he got.
I fished other days with another good photographer, and I'm sure that between the two of us (er..three), we got some good images.
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