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RE:Christmas Island Fishing Trip

Nate, there was a slide show at last month's NH CCA meeting about Christmas Island, too bad you missed it. The main things the presenters emphasized were sun protection- you're on the equator- and sparse flies. They actually said that the store on the island had flies that were tied by the locals for very reasonable prices.

In addition to the bonefishing and the trevally there is also offshore fishing for tuna and wahoo, so i'd recommend a stout rod.

One other thing I gleaned from the slide show was that the outfitter that is affiliated with fronteirs is the way to go, the presenters said that all their boats had nice new outboards, but they saw folks from some of the other camps broken down on more than one occasion.


I just checked the CCA NH page and it was Capt Dave Gittens that did the slide show. his website is <!--http--><a href="" target="_blank"></a><!--url--> and i'm sure he'd have some great info for you.
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