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Fish Finder for my Yak

So, I've been envious for a while now of the guys who have the finders on their yaks. There have been many times that I didn't know if I was in 5 ft of water or 20 ft of water, due to the water clarity in some of the North Shore River runoffs. Short of dropping an anchor over I never really knew. Being able to tell if there are fish there or not is an added bonus!

I paddle a 9 ft Ocean Kayak Frenzy. Great boat for all that I do (surfing, fishing, paddling, etc.) but not all that much deck room for goodies. And I really like to be able to strip down the boat for non fishing expiditions. Therefore I didn't want to mount a hard fishfinder on board...

Enter the Humminbird RF30 Wireless fishfinder with Watch display screen. I saw this little unit a while back, but didn't see the Watch version of it until a few weeks ago. Now being a fly fisherman mostly, I didn't see much need for a castable Fish Finder. But then the lightbulb went off. What if I towed the transducer behind my kayak? So I had to take the plunge, and it wasn't even that bad at 90 bucks.

Well, I'm happy to say, that this baby works just like its supposed to. Pretty barebones fishfinder, but I mostly use it for bottom contours and depth readouts. Seeing fish is a bonus (although I have yet to catch one of these "fish" it sees). I tow it off the back on a piece of string and it reads out great while I paddle along. There is a dead spot in my paddling before I get going along, but after drifting, that the transducer is semi underwater, so the wireless part doesn't transmit. But once it planes off, it works again. It also seems to have problems at speed in depths over 40 ft, but it works up to 100 while I'm drifting along.

So all in all, its been a great addition to my yak. Can't wait to try it on my brothers small inflatable Zodiac, or my parents boat, or taking it on vacation with me next time, get my point.

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