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RE:Christmas Island Fishing Trip

I'm making a return trip with friends this coming March. I was there in '96 and it was our introduction to saltwater flyfishing - and what and introduction!

For a first bonefishing trip it's about as good as it can get. There are simply so many fish there that you can screw-up time after time until you get it right and there will still be more fish to hone your skills on. Expect to be fooled by Milkfish. They look just like bones in the water, often swim with them but feed mostly on algae. The thing I like most about the place is it's remoteness and it's all wade fishing on firm coral sand flats which seem to go on forever. I love the Bahamas and the Carribean as well, but I've had many days there where opportunities are thin on the ground.

In addition to bones, there are also three species of Trevally which will really put a bend in your rod. If you haven't had enough at the end of the day, you can wade out to the edge of the reef in front of your hotel and cast for Trevally and who knows what else. This is great fun but don't go out there alone. - the surf can easily turn you upside down and the next ladnfall is over 1000 miles away! Most evenings one of the locals would come down to cast a 12" pencil popper with an ancient looking fixed spool reel and 100lb class big game rod from the 1960's era. He went home with a 20 to 40 pounder most evenings. I only managed one hook-up which ripped half the line of my reel until it jammed and the line snapped like rifle shot.

Take at least two of everything you think you'll need. The nearest town is 1200 miles away and the local tackle shop didn't have much in it. What was there was ludicrously expensive.

Antibiotic cream is a good thing to have. We were ignorant of the fact that the polyps in the tropical waters hold considerable amounts of bacteria and the tiniest cut can become quite painfully infected. Fortunately I had taken some TCP ointment and it did the trick.

I'll be writing up a report on our trip but if you need any other info. drop me an email.
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