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nope. spent every day on the ocean side floating in the middle of the tarpon highway. I was getting at least 30 shots a day( one day with poor vis was a little slower, but still jumped a couple).
I fished mostly with a Sage RPLXi 11 weight and it is damn near indestructable. I couldn't believe the pressure I could apply to those fish. I own two because I figured that I would eventually break one. In three seasons the back up has never even been taken out of the sock. Any one want to buy a new RPLXi 3pc 11?
Speaking of indestructable, we were fishing with flies(trad tarpon patterns) tied on Gamigatsu SC-15 2/0. Sure we tstraightened out a few, but I couldn't believe the strength of these thin wire hooks. Sharp with excellent penetration. Such little hooks on such big fish.
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