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Popper in Cabo...

I just wanted to reprot that I had a very interesting Popper experience in Cabo last week. I had been fishing the rocks to the north of Cabo del Sol for a couple of morning, hooking some small sea bass, when I decide a changee was in order. The next day, I headed to the rocks to the south, and was rewarded with the sight of a few small Sierra cahising bait up onto the sand.

After a few baitfish patterns were completely ignored, I decided to switch to a surface pattern. A commercially tied salt water popper generated zero interest and with the rising , I had to figure out something fast.

So- I picked out the only beach popper that I had manage to tie up (poorly tied I might add) and gave it a whirl. Well- though I didn't hook-up on any of the fish, I did manage to get 3 fish to come out of the water after it! Needless to say- I will be trying to improve my tying skills so that I have a good supply of these for my annual trip down there.

Thanks for such a great fly!
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