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I've made a significant advancement since my first poppers.

Here it is:

The hook is now a Gamakatsu #4 Octopus. I take a length of doubled over #25 Maxima and pinch the ends together to flatten them enough to shove them down the shank and through the hook eye. I now have a "loop to loop" connection with my hook. I also have the doubled strength of the Maxima as well as the stiffness I have always desired (to keep the hook from sometimes curling over and fouling with the popper head). And you can change hooks if neccessary. Not only that, the Gamakatsu hook is really "sticky sharp," (just ask my left thumb after I straighten my materials)!

I have also substituted Icelandic Sheep for my white and olive hair but that's not nearly as important as the hook.

Tubes? If you can tie 'em, do it!

Hope this helps,
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