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I too soak my pheasant tail.....however, it is much longer...overnight is preferred. I hold the tail by the tip with one hand, with the quill pointed down , grasp the tail fibers of the opposite side with the remaining hand and pull down and steadily. Stripping the fibres from the center section of the tail

You are actually stripping the membrane of the tail with all the fibers in tact. but WITHOUT all the center pith.

What you end up with is a very nice hacklelike feather...sans the pith.

It is much like stripping one half of a hackle for a spey pattern.

Bit of a pain to soak overnight when you want to tie now. but believe me the little wait is well worth it. Stuff goes on like paint...smooth as silk

Best regards...Jake

Tight Lines and Screaming Reels!!!

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