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The season is off to a cracking start. There are a LOT more fish around this year as opposed to last, particularly the two-year class of multi-sea winter fish of 12 pounds or so who went missing last season.

I averaged a fish a day on the York after a slow first couple of days. My buddy Brian S. from the Empire State was into big fish all week with a 32 pounder, a 28 pounder, and a few more in the high teens and low twenties. As usual, it was about being in the right time at the right place. Everyone who hooked up regularly in the high water did so on 13'-15' two-handed rods and usually with a big Magog Smelt or a Picasse.

Let's hope there are a lot more fish this year and they are not just early! The Atlantic Salmon Federation predicts another 20,000 MSW (Multi-Sea Winter) fish of North American origin will find their way home after the last of the Greenland commercial buyouts. Fingers crossed.
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