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I immediately felt bad about my rant - hence the 's on myself - you kind of got blind-sided - and you are right - you didn't deserve my rant - you just posted some nice flies! So I will start with a public apology to you.

Obviously I have a burr under my saddle re lining (sockeye in particular). The thing that really gets me is the unforunate fact that all these "fishermen" now think this is the way to fish. Most of them have their introduction to "sport-fishing" in this gong show.

Then there's the collateral damage, these lining techniques are now finding their way into "mainstream" steelheading. The Vedder is "grad school" for the successful sockeye snaggers. They sit in one spot and cast their 6-10' leaders hour after hour into the same slots until they "hook" one. Now they are a :eyecrazy: steelheader! We have had some of the most productive spring chinook spots closed due to hordes of "liners". The fist-fights and even a knifing go well beyond proving my point

Aaron, I didn't intend to target you at all, I just went off on what I see as a blight on the sport of fishing. I've seen photos of the Russian River in Alaska and that made the connection for my soap box rant. I probably should have started a new thread. Damn, where is OC and his "Ethics Police" when I need them?

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