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I posted some flies to use to fish for Salmon.

And that was it.

In 26 years I lived in Alaska we fished Sockeye one way.
And that was by sight fishing with short leaders and floating lines
The style is simple fishing fast running clear streams you simple get the fly to the fish.
Sockeye to not move to the fly you must have the fly close and in front of the fish.
On a good day you would get four or five fish.

The lining fad came many years later by people who were into numbers and these people as Kush explained will do any thing for the fish.

There are a great many good honest fishermen who fish Sockeye every year without lining them.
Many guides would never stoup to such low line as to let a client snag fish (line).


Kush a soapbox is a terrible thing to waste .
Russ the weighted fly debate for Salmon will go on for ever,

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