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No offense taken! In fact, I am in total agreement with you. I never fish flies for salmon or steelhead that have any weight added to them whatsoever - no lead wire underbody, no lead eyes, no bead heads, no cone heads, etc. (the biggest reasons I don't tie or fish Intruders).

I have seen some disgusting examples of lining through the use of type 4 or faster sinking tips or heads, or the use of long leaders and large lead eyes, huge amounts of lead added to the underbodies of flies, and even the use of large lead-head jigs along with floats or just plain old toss it out and let it swing around (through the fishes mouths exactly like you posted) until a fish is hooked. Then the fisherman gets to go tell others how s/he has discovered a techniques to get them to "bite" a lot.

There is a fellow who lives in Port Angeles that fishes this way during low summer flows with large, heavily weighted Kaufman Stones using a floating line, a leader of 15 to 20 feet, and simple lining the fish with the leader. He catches a lot of summer runs doing this; but I will not fish with him because it is snagging pure and simple, just like you said.

Tyler, I would like to see Washington State ban the use of weighted flies for salmon and steelhead fishing because of the problem you spoke about.
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