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Lots of guys just tie a bare hook on leader and chuck it out and mend it so it drifts crossways in the current . I guess it feels less like lining if there is a cool fly out there though.

- these are all for me - I'm a bad boy for not being able to hold my tongue - but here on the Fraser a huge totally unscrupulous fishery for sockeye has developed.

Proponents say it is not snagging - but I've been there. The gear guys who catch the most fish have small corkies (colour doesn't matter) and 10-12' leaders. They huck this out and bottom bounce it downstream as the schools of fish swim up the muddy river. Sure, they are hooked basically in the mouth - but it is the long leader running through their mouths that drags it in there - they aren't biting it.

Lest we flyflishers think we are somehow above lining sockeye - I believe that fly fishing is even more deadly. One day before the hordes discovered the fishery and there was still a little room to be found on a fastwater bar (don't bother looking today - even with a boat) I "hooked" about 50 sockeye. It was a blast, but the 30' type IV shooting head I was using was in fact a 30' leader swinging across the mouths of the fish. Man I thought I was a hero. The reality was I probably "lined" 90% of the fish.

In the past 6-7 years this fishery has turned into a total gong show. Many who still see fishing as a sport are in favour of shutting the whole embarassing thing down. Or at the very least limiting the the length of the leader (tough to do with a fly line).

Russ, I mean this as no offense to your flies or your friend. As you can tell that this is one of those "soap-box" issues that every once in a while I seem to get an uncontrollable urge to rant about. :eyecrazy:

In re-reading this thread I notice an error on my part. Actually I meant Aaron above - not Russ - I guess turning 49 is starting to show in more ways than one - sorry guys.
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