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Backing Replacement - How Often

Normally, I'm mildly anal about leaders and so forth but I guess I have been a little lax this year, just haven't got into it with all this crappy weather and crappy life issues. I bought a bunch of fresh leader material back in the beginning of May but hadn't done anything with it. Failures started when I broke off a hung up fly with mild pressure. Tied on a new fly and a couple of hours later dropped a nice fish at my feet with a brittle fracture at the hook eye, knot still in tact. Then last Saturday morning I'm walking down the beach blind casting and I notice my fly's gone. Line broke in the butt at the loop knot.

Anyhow, it's mid June and time to get a little serious and make sure all the links are up to snuff. I did get to see a little backing last Saturday and got to thinking. What's a reasonable life for Micron saltwater backing? I've got a couple of spools with 3 seasons. Assuming visual inspection says it looks ok should I be concerned about breakdown of the material?
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