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Nick, just fixed the boat, I think Now it's just a matter of finding time to use it. My yaking is usually early AM for an hour or so before work when I don't have to drive the kids, work early..... etc. or right after work if there's no softball, family activity, etc.... Between family parties, softball and father's day this weekend is shot for me.
Last Thursday I was putting it in the water and told Dave I'd take a passenger for TNFF, trying to give back to the group since I'd lucked out and gotten out with one of the boat owners. I put in at the Plymouth ramp and I realized I had not corrected the problem. The guy was left standing on the dock in Duxbury, so I'm going to try to make it up next Thurs.

I'd like to get a flotilla for TNFF one of these weeks. I think Case was interested, anyone else?
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