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I had a bit of success fishing the salt for kings. I used an older heavier action glass fenwick 9' 10wt. I had a large saltwater martin reel. Was a nice reel actually. Was HUGE. I used a full fast sink flyline. Ran a baitfish pattern with alot of flash. Didn't do much in line of casting, and normally fished near inlets to rivers or harbors (fish traffic lanes). Just dropped it over the edge and let her go. Usually stripped back up. Never went out far and did it though. Also did the "downrigger" way as well. But that's a different story all together. But we would watch the run timings and go when our charter boat friends said the chinooks were coming in (out at westport). Currents were the trickiest part. Was always good when you could find a shallow spot near the inlet so you could work a fly better.

Wish I would've fished it more, but back then we were straight gear. I would try this setup when we'd shut down and mooch. But, never hit the salt anymore. Too much cleanup compared to where I fish now. LOL
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