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Dollie/Bull on a popper

Yesterday on a north Sound beach I landed a 6lb+ dollie/bull on a popper. For those of you who have seen the popper in our archives, I have changed hooks to Gamakatsu #6 Octopus. . . ouch, these puppies are sharp and you can't straighten the materials with your fingers without impaling your thumb on the offset hook.

I have been finding slashing and crashing fish in the past few weeks. The popper elicits some truly viscious strikes in moving tides off the beach that is running with as much velocity as many rivers. I have been wading up to my waist with my toes digging into my shoes trying to maintain my footing and casting my 6wt floater as far as possible and stripping as fast as possible. So far, I have only popped one off on the strike.

Photos were taken and I am adding them to my popper slide presentation. If I get a good scan I will post it here. In the meantime, dollies in the salt on the weekends and steelhead (fishing, that is) in the mornings.

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