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Fishing Report

Fished the last two days: landed a feisty hen of 12 pounds on Sector 6 of the York shortly after the above photo was taken; also landed a super strong, sea-liced 12 pound hen this morning on the Unlimited Sector of the York. Needed all of a 9141-4 to land her as she ran under a bridge and out the other side; no way to follow, so crank down the drag, hold on, and reel.

There a lot more fish around this year as compared to last. It`s looking like the run is on time. Water temps on upper York: 47 degrees; lower York: 49 degrees. Water high, but clear. It`s relatively straightforward to see the fish as long as you can find a good vantage point above the river.

Just in to town of Gaspé to change some money, grab a Tim`s coffee, and find a computer. Headed back out `till dark.

Tight lines, TB
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