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No. New England mixed bag 6/1

Fished the Winooski river right in the town of Winooski on Sunday in the constant drizzle. Gusty winds, too. And surprisingly, lots of people were out in the crappy weather, too. It was opening day on this stretch of river. I got several bass on clousers and wooly buggers. Most were 12-13", but got one that went probably 3#. Great fighters.

I also ran into Mr. Pike unexpectedly. While stripping my WB, I had a big 'swoosh' not 3 feet from the bank. I pulled back and saw that it was mr. pike. Two seconds later, my 3x was broken. Thinking it was a fluke, I tied on another bugger. I cast out, stripped to shore - and swoosh! Didn't even get a chance to feel him before the line got sliced.
so now I am frantically searching for wire. NO WIRE! I smacked myself a few times, then finally found a bluefish fly tied well back on the shank. Cast out twice, and on the second cast, right next to shore I was on. He cleared the water and chugged around before beaching himself at my feet. I'd guess 28-30". Hoo boy!

I also saw some walleye and suckers, carp, etc. Lots of life down there right now on some spawning/spring frenzy action.
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