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Yep, can answer some questions

The Skookum brand is about the top of the line. MMM had it right. I deal with the owner, and bought boats back from his beginning days. I've dealt with the boats, and can give you some insight.

Take down/put together times. Well, usually around 5-15 minutes each way, depending on how well you are at assembling things (some people naturally aren't mechanically inclined in even the easiest things). Very easy to portage, especially the Osprey. They only weigh around 35#'s in the 9' length, and class III capable. They use the same tubes on the 9' steelheader vs. osprey, just one has a hardcore fishing/whitewater frame. The Osprey series is basically the same design setup as the rest of the "standard" pontoon boats you see out there. It has an open front for walking out of/using kickfins. But has a heavier carrying capacity, and can be strapped with a few days worth of gear. I once strapped my 9' Steelheader (same tubes, different frame) with about 300#'s of gear for a 4 day float. Hit the stretches good, and handled well (luckily was when I was lighter before my injury lol).

I have owned the old Pac 9, 900, and a fishcat by outcast. NONE came CLOSE to comparing to the Skookum. You buy one once, and you'll be set. BUT, what I'd suggest if you could spare the money. Buy a 9' Steelheader and then buy the Osprey frame to go with it. Will be a bit more, but then you'll have too different beasts. You'll have the Osprey for easy days on the lake, mild rivers during the summer where you want to spend more time in the water. Then, during the winter/hard water you can throw on the steelheader frame and off you go.

I'll probably be buying a complete Steelheader III soon, may sell off my preexisting 16' custom fishing cataraft for the S III. Then, eventually will buy a 10' Steelheader with the Osprey frame as well.
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