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I sure am having fun with my 12' pontoon boat!

But I broke a Cataract Kick boat style oar (1 3/8" diameter) this last weekend!

The crazy thing is that I don't think it was on a rock -- but I am not sure.

I was going down into the trough of a fairly big rapid on the S.Fork of the Santiam (about 1/2 mile below Sweet Home) and I pulled back on the oars to keep my 79 year old Father-in-law from getting splashed too much. He hardly got wet at all but the oar snapped in half right at the oarlock.

The adrenalin was pumping and I was standing on the foot pegs off the seat and almost vertical when I pulled on the oars.

Question: Is it possible that it was just water and not on a rock?

The oars are only a couple of months old. Does anyone know if Cataract will cover them under waranty? The place where I bought the boat is contacting Cataract for me.
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