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Rit color remover doesn't work very well with natural animal protein colors such as those found in feathers and animal hairs we tie flies with. Also, it does not do well with the metalized and leveling acid dyes either. Although it does work well enough for removing rust (a light gingerish coloration) from bleached feathers or fur.

Rit colot remover is really formulated for use removing analine dyes (dyes that are set with alkalines like bleach instead of acid dyes that are set with weak acid dye baths like white vinegar or a drop or 2 of hydrocholoric acid) from polyesters, nylons, rayons, etc. not feathers, fur, and hair. Also, rit color remover tends to distroy the protein that feathers and hair are made of. I would be very, very careful about using it on feathers because of how easy it is to do serious harm to the protein structure of feathers.

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