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Same thing happened to me


i have seen this situation year after year on one of my favortie streams....and from my experience, i must concur with Mark....panfish, bluegill and rockies in particular, will spawn in the smaller streams before anythign else does, ( at least here in KY). the spawn beds become frenzied with indiscriminate predation just befroe the actual spawn. Cold fronts will shut them down like a switch being thrown, but as soon as the weather breaks, they are at it again, then nothing...nothing for about a week, the feeding starts again..a friend of mine who is a state biologist said that the binges the fish go on are usually short lived and are to help the fish continue the spawn process or to recupe from a mid spawn that was adversely affected by major weather patterns, flooding, or other envrionmental impacts..he says theses changes may be so sublte that we don't notice, but the fish the logic he offers is that the fish were refueling for something and that they had honed in on a readily supply of food and become tunnelled vision and only feed on what is abundant to quickly fuel up and get back to business of procreating...just an idea, hell, maybe they were just picky that day!!
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